ZZiPP Group S.p.A has been operating in the audio/video sector for over 35 years.

Originally established as the Italian subsidiary of Monacor International, over the years it has acquired exclusive distribution rights for the Italian market, reaching a total of 15 international brands and 2 proprietary brands.

In 2013, the ownership became fully Italian. Thanks to the rapid market growth, ZZIPP was launched in 2015 as a brand through which the company designs and distributes accessories for musical instruments and professional audio. In 2017, the DiGi Project brand became essential for integrated systems.

Today, ZZIPP Group Spa serves a customer base of over 2000 clients, including installers, system integrators, audio/lighting service providers, and electronics and musical instrument stores. A new corporate area has been established in the new headquarters in Este, located in the province of Padua, where advanced logistics enable fast and precise deliveries.

In the wide range of products offered, including audio, video, lighting, and special effects, ZZIPP Group's objective is to provide quality solutions to offer customers a complete and finished project. With an excellent technical department, customers receive support in both the design and post-sales phases.

The current assortment consists of approximately 6000 items in various sectors: structures and stages with the Guil and Tekpro brands, special effects with Oh!Fx, Spark Fabrika, and ZZIPP, lighting and DMX controllers with Bsl, Starways, and Wolfmix; and audio systems for top-notch installations with Fonestar, Blaze, and Monacor.

Audio-video integration is now necessary to provide customers with a single partner for the realization of most projects. In the past year, the distribution of Hisense and BZBGear, international brands, has been added to complete the range in the video sector.

There are various opportunities for customers to see and test the products at national and international fairs and events, such as the Mir Tech in Rimini and the Prolight and Sound in Frankfurt, as well as in the new showroom at the Este headquarters.

In 2023, ZZIPP Group is also present with a dedicated area at the AV Experience of MIR, showcasing the interactive solutions of the BZBGear brands with PTZ auto-tracking, Fonestar with IP audio products, and Hisense with the new Google-certified interactive screens.

ZZIPPGROUP SpA exclusively distributes the following brands in the Italian territory:

  • MONACOR: A German company, a leader for over 50 years in the field of audio installations and hi-fi components.
  • IMG Stageline: A brand of Monacor International, offering a wide range of products for home studios and live performances.
  • GUIL: A Spanish company, a leader for over 35 years in the entertainment engineering. The product is 100% designed and manufactured in Spain.
  • OHFX!: A Spanish company, producing professional special effects for shows for over 20 years. The first European company with certified Holi-Color production.
  • SPI: An Italian company that designs, produces, and creates technologically advanced aluminum structures and setups for the entertainment industry, live events, and trade show structures.
  • BSL: A Dutch company specializing in professional lighting.
  • TEK-PRO: An Italian company that designs, produces, and creates technologically advanced aluminum structures and setups for the entertainment industry, live events, and trade show structures.
  • TASKER: An Italian company with 40 years of experience, specializing in the production of high-quality cables, wiring, and connectors for the electronics, audio, video, professional music, broadcast, and automotive sectors.
  • SPARK FABRICA: A global leader in the production, distribution, and support of high-quality stage effects. They offer products such as cold fountains, flame projectors, and other high-end equipment for major worldwide shows.
  • DAS Audio: A Spanish company, a leader for 50 years in the speaker industry, designing and producing all components of their systems to ensure high-quality and high-performance standards.
  • HISENSE: Offers a wide range of display solutions that create a unique interactive experience for users. Whether it's a huddle space, a meeting room, or a reception area, Hisense provides industry-leading commercial displays to enhance both communication and collaboration.
  • BLAZE AUDIO: A Danish company specializing in professional solutions for commercial audio. Blaze Audio is a brand of Pascal, the world's leading provider of professional audio amplifier electronics. They specialize in designing and manufacturing highly advanced and powerful compact amplifier modules.
  • BZBGEAR: Founded in 2019 and based in Sacramento, California, BZBGEAR is a global manufacturer of professional AV and broadcasting products. They provide end-to-end AV and broadcast solutions, including products for live streaming and video production.
  • WOLFMIX: A brand of Nicolaudie Group, producing standalone DMX consoles for live lighting control with cutting-edge technologies. It's a new type of lighting control tool designed for creative artists.
  • STARWAYS: French brand founded in 1980 that offers numerous products for all types of lighting, from moving heads to LED bars to outdoor video panels.
  • HALTO: French brand that has been offering products for dynamic architectural lighting for over 30 years, dedicated to decorative design, targeting light designers, visual artists, set designers, and event agencies.

To complete our range of distributed products, we collaborate with Sony as authorized partners for the sale of professional video products.